NSW Water Police


Panasonic Toughbook takes to the water with NSW Police sale.

The NSW Water Police has purchased 15 Panasonic Toughbook ruggedised notebooks, now installed on police vessels that are responsible for patrolling the state’s marine areas up to 200km offshore. The Toughbooks were selected because of ruggedised features that make them suitable for the marine environment. Toughbook stands up to the challenges of dampness, high temperatures inside the vessels, vibration and glare and reflection from sun and water. The Toughbooks were trialed in the Marine Area Command and the Technology Branch of the Water Police, before being selected and installed aboard vessels, including 22-metre and 16-metre launches. 

The Toughbook 28, the model chosen, is Panasonic’s fully ruggedised model, designed to stand up to the hazards of field use in a number of environments, with resistance to vibration, shock, water and dust. Water Police staff have a number of responsibilities, including: preventing marine crime such as fraud through the stealing and rebirthing of vessels; search and rescue off the coast of NSW; working with Federal and State agencies to provide border protection and port security; and diving operations and underwater searches for missing persons and evidence.

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