National Foods


Toughbook Berri good for National Foods.

National Foods Australia is using a rugged Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 fleet to provide streamlined customer service and ensure optimal uptime for delivery drivers of their juice products across Australia. National Foods is one of the largest food and beverage groups in Australia. In 2005, the company merged with Berri Limited Juice, combining leading juice brands such as Berri, Daily Juice, Australian Fresh, Just Juice and many more into the portfolio. The Panasonic Toughbooks are being used by delivery drivers distributing juice products throughout the country.

The Toughbook solution enables drivers tovalidate invoices on delivery, providing improved customer service and eliminating unnecessary paperwork. Previously the company used paper based invoicing when delivering juice, which could sometimes take days to process. BDelivery drivers spend long hours driving to locations throughout Australia in fluctuating temperatures and notebooks can often be banged and bumped while in transit.

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