Integral Energy


Toughbooks help power Integral Energy’s asset management

Integral Energy (Integral) line inspectors are using Panasonic CF-18 Toughbooks to improve the reliability and efficiency of Integral’s asset management network. Inspectors carrying out Overhead Line Inspections (OLI), Transmission Line Inspections (TLI) and Ground Line Inspections (GLI) use the Toughbooks to perform routine analysis of transmission and subtransmission steel tower lines and pole lines; distribution substation lines and overhead lines; and street light columns.

Power lines and poles generally have a life span of around 55 years and are inspected every four and a half years for damage such as from storms or termites, as well as the functioning of the power line itself. Integral began using an earlier Toughbook model in 2002 and upgraded to the CF-18 in early 2006. So far, 50 CF-18 Toughbooks have been purchased.

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