Aurora Energy


Aurora Energy implements Panasonic Toughbooks to improve performance and reliability.

Aurora Energy, a Tasmanian electricity distribution and retail company, is using Panasonic CF-18 Toughbooks as part of a strategy to improve the performance of its distribution system and increase the reliability of its network.

Aurora Energy has operated in mainland Tasmania since 1998 and provides a contract service to the Bass Strait islands on behalf of Hydro Tasmania. Aurora’s distribution system consists of 15,100 kilometres of high voltage lines, 7,400 kilometres of low voltage lines and 1,623 of underground cables around Tasmania.

The company’s aim is to provide a safe, reliable electricity supply across an area of approximately 67,800 square kilometres. Aurora Energy has implemented a number of strategies over the past five years aimed at improving the performance of the distribution system. The company was looking to supply their field workers with computer equipment to facilitate better fault response times and reduce the number of planned interruptions with increased use of live-line techniques.

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